(Pics) Puma City: World Cup Event Space For NYC

PSFK tours Puma City NYC, the temporary World Cup event installation.

Dave Pinter
Dave Pinter on June 11, 2010. @DavePinter

Yesterday, PSFK took a tour of Puma City NYC, a month long soccer, shopping and event installation at the South Street Seaport in lower Manhattan set to formally open Saturday for the 2010 World Cup. Puma has tried to cater to all the facets of the sport’s lifestyle. The site includes a scaled down soccer pitch where visitors can play a pick up game and participate in mini tournaments. Puma has a selection of the same type of boots players in the cup will wear which visitors can try out for themselves on the field.

Puma has installed two new shipping container retail shops designed by NY architects LOT-EK. One contains their soccer clothing collection and the other shoes and boots. The interior design of each of the containers employs a lot of diagonal lines, making the space feel quite large. The exterior features an hinged canopy over the door which came from an angled slice of the container side.

One other major feature of the site is the Puma Social Club. Puma has transformed the two story interior into an event space for watching matches and evening parties. The center of the space features a video of the games projected on a 1-story high wall. Puma has an extensive list of parties planned for the space, most all free and open to the public. Next Friday the 18th, Jeff Staple/Reed Space and Rude will take over the space for a Friday night event.

Here’s some pics from our tour:

puma_city_world_cup_nyc_01 puma_city_world_cup_nyc_02 puma_city_world_cup_nyc_03 puma_city_world_cup_nyc_04 puma_city_world_cup_nyc_05 puma_city_world_cup_nyc_06 puma_city_world_cup_nyc_12 puma_city_world_cup_nyc_09 puma_city_world_cup_nyc_10 puma_city_world_cup_nyc_13 puma_city_world_cup_nyc_14 puma_city_world_cup_nyc_15 puma_city_world_cup_nyc_21 puma_city_world_cup_nyc_16 puma_city_world_cup_nyc_17 puma_city_world_cup_nyc_18 puma_city_world_cup_nyc_19 puma_city_world_cup_nyc_20