Real Typewriter Controls The iPad

Real Typewriter Controls The iPad

A retro-style USB keyboard acts as a more physical input device for computers.

Naresh Kumar

Good news for those who are still clutching onto to their old manual typewriters, not wanting to throw them in the scrap. Jack Zylkin, a designer and modder, can convert an old typewriter into a keyboard for any USB-capable system such as a PC, Mac or even an iPad. Here’s how the USB Typewriter works: the keys strike a board to create a circuit which is piped out of an A-Type connector. Jack claims that the modification is easy to install, involves no messy wiring and doesn’t change the outward appearance of the typewriter.

A pre-assembled model costs $400-$500, while a DIY kit is around $75.

Watch a video demo below:

USB Typewriter

[via Engadget]