Wireless Headstone Shares Its Owner’s Story With Future Generations

RosettaStone brings digital innovation to gravestones and memorials.

Last year, PSFK wrote about digital heirlooms and heirlooming solutions like Entrustet. RosettaStone is another such device which brings digital innovation to gravestones and memorials. It is a palm-sized stone tablet with an embedded chip that can store information about the deceased, something which traditional memorials and headstones cannot accomplish. RosettaStone can be pre-installed in a new gravestone, or added to an existing one and can store both images and text including genealogical information, achievements, relationships and anything which the person would have liked to share with his grave-site’s visitors.

This tablet uses NFC-RFID technology to allow compatible phones to display its associated information by simply touching it to the tablet and turning a standard memorial into a treasure trove for future generations and historians alike. The granite RosettaStone has an expected lifetime of 3,200 years and is priced at $191.


[via Springwise]