A Collaborative Cultural Clash To Tackle Social Issues In Romania

In Bucharest, community Art Centre laBOMBA recently brought together collective Rozalb de Mura for a focused project on urban situations of social...

Laura Feinstein
Laura Feinstein on July 29, 2010. @Whatsherrrface

As anyone who’s ever been to Eastern Europe knows, it’s a separate world unto itself. Besides slowly crumbling communist architecture, it contains many socio-political remnants of its Soviet past. In many areas, it’s the institutionalized discrimination of the Roma or Gypsy population- which despite the many human rights gains of the past century and still relatively voiceless.

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In Bucharest, community art centre laBOMBA recently brought together the Rozalb de Mura collective for a focused project on urban situations of social confrontation, exploring the life of the local Gypsy community. The main event featured an electro-jazz band, fashion show by Rozalb de Mura using discarded clothes provided, and other activities. As part of the show, the looks were meant to represent the cultural clash between the conceptual world of Rozalb de Mura and the work of active women in the community while also tackling issues of beauty, femininity and identity.

There’s nothing more inspiring than a great DIY project with a social conscience so you should swing by the Dazed Digital site for an interview with the collective, and if you happen to be in Romania why not check out the space for yourself?

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Rozalb de Mura

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