Museum Of Natural History Launches An iPhone App

The “Explorer” application offers visitors a custom navigation system and a personal tour guide.

This week, the American Museum of Natural History launched its “Explorer” application, for visitors to use as a custom navigation system and a personal tour guide. The app, which was developed by Spotlight Mobile, funded by Bloomberg, and runs on a Wi-Fi network implemented by Cisco and Accenture, is available for free in the iTunes store and is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

When roaming through the halls of cavemen looking for the nearest bathroom or getting lost in the planetarium and wondering what all those twinkling stars shapes are, simply connect to the museum’s wireless network for an in-hand virtual tour guide. The app will provide GPS, walking directions to exhibitions, theaters, shops, restaurants and bathrooms in the building, as well as details on more than 140 displays with connections to Facebook and Twitter. Users can search exhibits by most popular or closest location. The museum also has 350 Apple devices with the Explorer app for free loans to visitors.

American Museum of Natural History

[via NYTimes' Art Beat]