Picture Perfect: The Art Of Online Profile Photography

The technique of creating and capturing the perfect digital representation has evolved into a finely-crafted skill.

Your face in the online world is of great value to you.  Whilst there are a number of different cliched profile picture scenes, the technique of creating and capturing the perfect profile picture has evolved into a finely-crafted art.

According to online dating website OKcupid.com, women who “flirt directly into the camera” are apparently more attractive than those who look away.  On the contrary, men win hearts by looking seriously disinterested in the camera and not smiling.

Sifting through a number of profile images, New York Times journalist David Coleman points us to some important tips to creating the perfect online picture;

  • Accessorise and change your expressions, perfect smiles quickly bore and look manufactured.
  • Getting snapped with someone famous works best when the ‘friendship’ looks sincere.
  • The most flattering angle is always from above.
  • Bright flashes and camera phones= instant face-lift, blurring out blemishes and wrinkles.
  • Subtle references within the subject matter hold more interest to viewers.
  • Hot-bods on show are only acceptable if they’re part of a costume.
  • Fun, self-shot pictures promote a more spontaneous, sincere image.
  • iPhone applications such as CameraBag, ShakeItPhoto and Hipstamatic offer quick and easy image edit options.

Watch Coleman’s slideshow here.

New York Times: “Me, Myself and iPhone”

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