Arcade Fire And Google’s Personalized Music Experience For The Web

‘The Wilderness Downtown’ project uses the Chrome browser and HTML5 to tailor a real-time, custom music presentation for individual viewers.

Google and Arcade Fire launched ‘The Wilderness Downtown” today – a musical experience made specifically for the browser. The project capitalizes on advancements in web and browser technology to craft an experience that is deeply personalized for each viewer by playing out through the streets you grew up in. Set to Arcade Fire’s new single, the project uses HTML5, Google Maps, an integrated drawing tool, and multiple browser windows which move around the screen. It was created by writer/director Chris Milk.

We noticed that this project also embodies a couple of shifts we’ve noted recently – from the integration of applications and programs directly into the browser, to location-awareness as a tool for evolving music videos into more personalized, interactive work. Google and Arcade Fire’s ‘The Wilderness Downtown’ project may actually also exemplify the ongoing evolution of the Internet.

The Wilderness Downtown

[via Chrome Experiments]