(Video) Moving Beyond Knob Twiddling

Eyebeam's Visual Music Collaborative collapses mediums to re-invigorate musical experience.

Lisa Baldini
Lisa Baldini on August 18, 2010.

Recently, Eyebeam held it’s Visual Music Collaborative Master Class, in which musicians, programmers and artists came together to develop a more “experiential” push towards what music has to offer. Sam Valenti IV, founder of Ghostly International who took the lead on the classes along with Eyebeam fellows Aaron Meyers and Aaron Kolbin, is keen to emphasize the experientially of what the collapse of different mediums under the guise of music means.

This highlights a very important but very necessary trope that has plagued electronic forms of music over the last decade or more: the experience of seeing someone play music behind a computer. More explicitly, how does one relate the experience of expression through music behind the action of pushing a button?

In light of Valenti’s assertion, you could say that the methodology that this Master Class tackles is to build different interfaces that may broaden the potential presentations of music through interaction — whether they be live or on the web.

Below is a clip that shows a round of the projects and methods explored during the Visual Music Collaborative.

[via: Eyebeam]

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