Boardwalk Empire’s Whiskey Bottle QR Codes

Bus shelter ads were made interactive to promote HBO's popular show.

Paloma M. Vazquez
Paloma M. Vazquez on October 14, 2010. @pmvazquez

During the weeks leading up to the September 23rd premiere of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, the cable network and BLT & Associates took a rather standard form of media – bus shelters, and employed QR codes to turn it into a more interactive form of media, with the end goal of generating curiosity and excitement for the show. The billboards were shaped like a large whiskey bottle, and embedded with a QR code which, when read by a cellphone, offered directions and password for users to gain entry to  a secret “speakeasy” event, where the first drink was on the house.

We’d love to learn about the results generated by this promotion for the show’s premiere – in the meantime, the promotion appears to have offered those engaging with the billboard something valuable – access to a thematically-relevant, ‘prohibited’ party – in exchange for their attention.

BLT & Associates

[via Freshness]