How Finance Is Getting Social (Video)

How Finance Is Getting Social (Video)

Insights and ideas from The Razorfish Client Summit 2010 featuring Jaidev Shergill, CEO of

Dan Gould

How Finance Is Getting More Social (Video)

PSFK teamed up with Razorfish to capture insights from the wide variety of presenter’s at the company’s recent 2010 Client Summit.

Attendees explored ideas about corporate innovation and business transformation, with featured speakers from both large global brands such as Best Buy, Mercedes-Benz and Nike, as well as up-and-coming stars like Skillet Street Food in Seattle. Presenters discussed how effective storytelling, risk-taking and experimentation are crucial to evolving a company culture and brand.

In this video, Jaidev Shergill, CEO of, explains how finance is getting more social, and why sharing data can help people make better decisions about money.


Watch all seven video interviews here.

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