Instant Housing: The Concrete Canvas Shelter

A UK-based company develops a durable shelter that requires only water and air for construction.

Concrete Fabric Hybrid Shelter Launched-23

Concrete Canvas, a UK-based manufacturer of rapidly deployable hardened materials, has recently released the latest addition to family of concrete-hybrid utilities: the Concrete Canvas Shelter, a heavy-duty shelter that requires only water and air for construction, and may also be molded into any desirable shape before it hardens. It may also be covered with earth, sand, and snow to offer insulation and protection from elements or enemies both in and out of the wilderness.

The Concrete Canvas Shelter is built on the same concept as the Concrete Cloth, a flexible cement-fabric hybrid that hardens upon contact with water to form a thin and durable waterproof, fireproof, and potentially bulletproof shelter.

Concrete Canvas

[via Coolhunting]