James Dyson Award Winners Announced

James Dyson Award Winners Announced

This year's top designs are all devices that promise to save lives in emergency situations.

Naresh Kumar

The James Dyson Award competition rewards young designers who come up with next generation concepts and designs. PSFK looks at the top three winners of this year’s competition:

Winner: LONGREACH Buoyancy Deployment System

This buoyancy bazooka was designed by industrial design student Samuel Adeloju and allows for the rapid shooting of an emergency buoyancy aid to a drowning victim up to 500 feet away in the water, thus enabling him to remain afloat for a longer time, while actual rescue operations are prepared.

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1st Runner Up: SeaKettle

Kimberley Hoffman’s SeaKettle is an emergency life raft that incorporates a desalination device to provide safe drinking water to those who are stranded at sea and prevents them from getting dehydrated.

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2nd Runner Up: Reax

Designed by Lars Imhof and Marc Binder of the University of Applied Sciences Switzerland, Reax is a CPR device that compresses a patient’s chest at regular intervals and forces blood into the brain more efficiently, allowing the paramedics to perform more life-saving tasks on the patient.

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