Kick Out the Ladder: Honda’s Vision for Collaborative Innovation

Kick Out the Ladder: Honda’s Vision for Collaborative Innovation

The company collaborates with Herman Miller, Crocs, Etsy, Intuit and Kodak to discuss how each company's culture fosters innovation - and what they can learn from one another.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 19 october 2010

BigMETHOD is working with Honda on a campaign to encourage corporate innovation, and to celebrate Honda and other brands’ approach to fostering innovation within their culture. To that end, Honda is celebrating this week as ‘Kick Out the Ladder’ week, dedicated to exploring how corporate philosophy can allow for innovation and lead to success. “Kick Out the Ladder” is also approached as one installment of the ‘Dream the Impossible’ documentary series, created by Honda and showcased on their dedicated Facebook page. Honda’s approach to innovation is based around the concept of ‘kicking out the ladder’ – this means setting ambitious goals and then refusing to settle for anything less than achieving them.

dedicated to exploring how corporate philosophy allows for innovation
and leads to success. It’s a concept we first approached in the “Kick Out the Ladder” installment of this
Dream the Impossible documentary series. At Honda our approach to innovation is based around a
concept we call kicking out the ladder. For us this means setting ambitious goals and then refusing to
settle for anything less than achieving them. It’s a spirit that serves as the backbone of everything we do.
As part of Kick Out the Ladder week, we’ve invited 5 inspiring companies to offer their unique
perspectives on the how they approach innovation as an organization:

In addition, Honda has invited 5 organizations to join them in a week-long discussion on how corporate culture fosters an environment that leads to innovation.  Each of the companies – Intuit, Kodak, Etsy, Crocs and Herman Miller – will provide their perspective on Honda’s Facebook page, which will serve as the hub of the 5 contributions. A single organization will be highlighted every day this week.

We found this campaign particularly relevant and note-worthy as an example of how brands can collaborate to improve innovation in a non-competitive, open and transparent fashion. It also allows each brand to tell their consumer and industry audiences a story about how they encourage innovation, seek to continually evolve and can ultimately benefit the collective good.


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