Mobile App Automatically Notifies Emergency Responders In Case Of Car Accidents

An application that runs in the background of Android mobile devices can help in the event of an automobile incident.

Collision Watch is an application that runs in the background of Android mobile devices, constantly monitoring the device’s GPS, accelerometer, and movement patterns. When the system detects a significant number of indicators that suggest the owner has been in a vehicle crash (a sharp shift in motion while driving, perhaps), the device initiates a series of notifications to primary contacts and emergency services. Having collected data on the conditions leading up to the incident, the service delivers information to emergency responders that helps establish context and potential needs.

The application’s developers at Iconosys explain further below:

In the case of a possible collision, Collision Watch will take over your phone’s functions, speakers, and alarms; an alarm will sound that you must disable in 180 seconds. Should you not disable the alarm, your primary contacts will be notified of the possible collision with a text message. If they do not respond in 120 seconds, your secondary contacts are contacted with a similar text message, and if neither they nor your primaries respond, then based onyour pre-set options, emergency services will be notified of your vehicle’s exact location, along with data regarding the estimated speed and severity of collision impact. Iconosys is working with advisors of the California Highway Patrol and Los Angeles Police department on the implementation and functionality.

Collision Watch