My Major Company: Unsigned Musicians Connect with Investors

A new company acts as a community label, providing a showcase of curated talent and providing fans an opportunity to financially support the...

Kat Popiel
Kat Popiel on October 21, 2010. @mamakitten

With the heads of major creative industries undergoing an identity crisis, brands such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo have become highly sought after sources for seeding funds to emerging artists.  My Major Company describes itself as a community label, providing a showcase of curated talent and allowing both their fan base and new audiences an opportunity to financially support the production of an album and its road map to market.

The average Joe Bloggs can invest in the next big thing through a simple online sign up system; by creating an online profile, each potential investor can browse the available artists and purchase shares from 1-100.  Funds are only transferred from your account once the artist reaches their full target amount.  Following this, the purchaser can spend time in the Investor Zone and undergo direct communication to the artist and label following the creative evolution of their development  (press, distribution, airplay, touring schedule…).  Each funded album will be distributed via Pias UK, sold as physicals on the High Street and downloadable online through iTunes and Amazon.  Each investor will receive 40 % of all revenue generated.

My Major Company