Paris Motor Show: Flat Black Is The New Black

Picking the color of a new car often has lots of choices but usually the finish is always glossy....for now.

Dave Pinter
Dave Pinter on October 6, 2010. @DavePinter

A tradition among the hot rodder set is to give a car a unique look by painting it with a flat finish, commonly primer gray or black. The term ‘murdering out’ a car refers to painting everything black. We noticed quite a number of vehicles at the 2010 Paris Motor Show sporting flat black finishes. Interestingly the range of cars finished this way spanned from compacts all the way up to supercars. The flat finish does have a way of toughening up the look of a car and speaks more to performance than luxury. So why don’t we see more vehicles on the road sporting factory flat finishes? A main reason is probably one you wouldn’t expect. Fingerprints. They seem to appear and collect on the exterior seemingly out of thin air.

Here’s a collection of flat finish vehicles we spotted at the show. Most are offered as limited or special editions which might mean that a standard option is not far off.

Fiat 500c Twin Air Limited Edition

2010_fiat_500c_twin_air_3 2010_fiat_500c_twin_air_1

Lancia Delta Hard Black Limited Edition

2010_lancia_delta_hard_black_2 2010_lancia_delta_hard_black_3 2010_lancia_delta_hard_black_1 2010_lancia_delta_hard_black_4


2010_bmw_m3_1 2010_bmw_m3_3 2010_bmw_m3_2

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Concept
While technically not painted flat black, the Sesto’s exterior is unpainted carbon fiber which at a distance looks the same as flat black. The main difference the stratospheric repair cost if there is a scratch.

2010_lamborghini_sesto_elemento_3 2010_lamborghini_sesto_elemento_2 2010_lamborghini_sesto_elemento_4 2010_lamborghini_sesto_elemento_1 2010_lamborghini_sesto_elemento_5
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