Paris Motor Show: Skoda Harnesses People Power For Their Show Stand

Paris Motor Show: Skoda Harnesses People Power For Their Show Stand

Skoda has installed energy storing floor tiles in its Paris Motor Show stand to literally capture the energy of the crowd.

by Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 7 october 2010

Auto shows typically draw large crowds of visitors. Some smart folks at Skoda took notice of the huge amount energy expended by people walking the show floor and decided to capture it. Installed in the center of their stand at the Paris Auto Show is a series of glass-like floor tiles that convert the force of movement from people walking on them into electricity. A digital gauge on either side of the section of floor has a real time display of the amount of power generated. This electricity is used to provide supplementary power to the stand. A single person walking across the section of tiles generates about 6-8 watts. So on crowded days the floor could generate hundreds of watts per hour.


Skoda also installed several large plant walls in their stand to provide some fresh oxygen to the hall. The plant walls and energy capturing floor are installation Skoda hopes will attract people’s attention to the launch of their second generation GreenLine of hybrid vehicles which include several models with high efficiency engines, start-stop technology, and brake energy regeneration. Skoda also debuted a fully electric concept car called the Octavia Green E. Based on their Octavia station wagon, the plug-in electric looks very production ready and includes a roof fitted with solar panels.

Here’s a collection of photos of our walk around the Skoda stand.












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