Real-Time Mobile Monitoring Of Hospital Patient Data

A collaboration between Sprint and Airstrip Technologies results in a full mobile application that syncs patient monitoring equipment to Spint-enabled...

Kyle Studstill
Kyle Studstill on October 25, 2010.

As we continue to track developments relevant to our Future of Health report, we’ve been paying attention to manifestations that help information spread more quickly to help physicians make better decisions. In our report we featured the Airstrip Technologies platform that allows for data to move from patient monitoring equipment to other devices. We’ve now picked up on a collaboration between Sprint and Airstrip Technologies resulting in a full mobile application that syncs patient monitoring equipment to Spint-enabled phones to deliver relevant data to physicians as it’s being tracked. The system includes a handful of specific applications, including one delivers real-time and historical ECG data for cardiologists, and another that offers fetal monitoring and tracking of labor during childbirth.

Dr. Cameron Powell, Chief Medical Officer behind the project explains below:

Hospitals that capitalize on the Sprint/AirStrip partnership will not have to require their physicians to use any particular device or service carrier. However the speed that Sprint 4G offers allows for robust features and real-time data transmissions that are not necessarily available over a 3G network.

In the past, providing physicians with mobile access to medical information has created concerns that the data being viewed on laptops or hand-held devices could be easily copied, putting security and patient confidentiality at risk. With AirStrip, the data is not stored on the device; it remains “in the cloud.” So if an HTC EVO 4G or hand-held device is lost or stolen, the patient records and data remain safe.

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