Transiki: A Real-Time Online Trip Planner For Public Transportation

Transiki is the new project of OpenStreetMap creator Steven Coast that aims to make travel much easier.

Transiki is the new project of OpenStreetMap creator Steven Coast that might put an end to timetable searches on Google.

Bringing together all relevant transit data and timetables with the help of volunteers around the world, he sees it as a specialized version of Open Street Map. Transiki aims to provide accurate information that can be used to route a journey by bus, boat and train from any central location in the world. It will also show delays in real-time and suggest alternative routes.

The idea for a transit wiki came up after missing his train and the iPhone map app not being able to pull the correct information needed.

From Transiki:

There are two great tastes which need to go together: interactive online maps and online trip planners for public transportation.

Transit data is in 1,000 weird proprietary formats held by 1,000 different organizations with about 1,000 different attitudes to opening it up. And that’s very boring. So above that there exists a tier of companies who’ll harmonize it and sell it to you along with stacks of software for doing interesting things with it. Like route across it.

Transiki (will) look a lot like OpenStreetMap. The API looks similar. Instead of nodes, you have transit points. Instead of ways, you have transit routes. Instead of bizzaro-the-clown ontologies, there is tagging. There will be a GTFS importer. The code is open. The data is open.

There will be the ability to modify both the long term and short term data. That means you can modify either the timetable for next season and you can also flag a particular route that is delayed right now today. The main aim is to get up a functioning API and a GTFS importer, then everyone and anyone can help build all the other services just by talking to the API.