Ask The PurpleList: Does Branding Still Matter?

Ask The PurpleList: Does Branding Still Matter?

In light of yesterday's post about Project RE:Brand, and the question of “Does Branding Still Matter?” we asked members of the PurpleList, our network of experts, to add their perspective.

Dan Gould
  • 10 november 2010

In light of yesterday’s post about Project RE:Brand, and the question of “Does Branding Still Matter?” we asked members of the PurpleList, our network of experts, to add their perspective:

Kate Nielsen a Purple List expert from New York answered:

“Branding matters as much as it always has: not as much as having a great product but more than any other effort you make to try and sell that product.

What has changed is how much of our branding we can control. It is now all about what you do and less about what you say or how you say it.”

Dart Parker a Purple List expert from New York said:

“Branding matters as a piece of the puzzle, not THE puzzle.

There is always a HOT word/ topic/ strategy that comes up in industry conversation and “branding” has been bearing the burden the past few years.  Alignment is important, but secondary to what you actually do/ sell.”

Roland Philippe Kretzchmar, an director of creative and digital from Stockholm said:

“Traditional branding is oppressing the target audiences. But in today’s experience driven and self-oriented culture, oppression can also give you freedom. The more control you try to have over the brand, the more it slips away.

If corporations accept this dichotomy, then branding can re-invent itself and become important once more.

The brand of the future is a mirror of the consumer.”

John Burke, Director of planning from New York said:

Simply put: Brands are in the unique position to create culture. If not managed properly brand identity can collapse under it’s own weight in an increasingly fickle cultural environment.”

“And brands matter more than ever. Brand identification beyond the product life cycle is what we are trying to achieve.

Access to information is now universal and how a brand positions itself within that climate dictates it’s success or failure. Investment IN culture, not taking from but adding to (or best case scenario creating it) can position a brand deep within it’s customers life experience for the long term.

Marvin Berk, Creative director from New York said:

“YES. Although I would like to give it more thought before I wrote, “there is not a product out there that does not rely on branding.” I think I stand behind the statement.

There is value and lack of value, concept and non-concept. When there is thought/awareness, there is branding.

So does it matter? Absolutely yes! Now, more than ever — as we are exposed to such a large volume of products and services — brand recognition is very important for success.

Is there such a thing as good branding? Or is it a question of valuable branding, e.g. what is the value of a brand to the target audience or the right branding for the target audience?

Now we are in business… strategic branding can and does support widespread recognition, which builds and grows the Brand. “

Project RE:Brand

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