Food Network Launches First App: ‘In The Kitchen’ for iPad/iPhone

Food Network Launches First App: ‘In The Kitchen’ for iPad/iPhone

With a reference library of over 45,000 recipes the app has been coded to recognize which device it’s functioning on and act accordingly.

Kat Popiel
  • 12 november 2010

Last week Food Network launched their first food app called In The Kitchen, available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.  With a reference library of over 45,000 recipes the app has been coded to recognize which device it’s functioning on and act accordingly.

A breakdown of the key features for culinary enthusiasts and highlights the gaps still in development:

Personality Driven
The app’s visual nature allows for each hungry user to connect with their favorite chef from the Food Network providing a visual portal into each of the TV cooking personalities.  Once you click through, an entire list of their recipes can be broken down according to ingredient.

Shopping Lists
Once you click on a desired recipe, its list of ingredients and measurements unravels to allow you to click on which are missing from home and require shopping for. 
(Right now the app doesn’t aggregate this across the various recipes you’re cooking and need to purchase for but plans are in motion to do so – example: 4 cups of sugar are needed for apple pie and gingerbread biscuits).

In-Built Timer
All chefs know successful cooking happens due to timing. The app allows for setting timers that coincide with the recipe without ever leaving the app.
(Future thoughts are to include a voice enabler to the app that will allow cooks with messy hands to hear the next steps of the recipe process)

Recipe Box
Right now this is the only space in the app in which users can collate their favored recipes creating a customized rolodex.
(The option of building an online community in which users of the app can exchange recipes and provide advice on how they customized a recipe or substituted would be ideal).

Melissa Tarquini, VP of User Experience and Design for Food Network explains;

‘We are in constant touch with our users conducting usability testing, focus groups and panel studies.  We will also closely monitor review of the app to make sure we are responding to any issues uncovered by our fans.’

With a panel of speakers at the launch including herself, Sunny Anderson of Food Network’s Cooking for Real, Chris Ackerman Director of Business Development for Scripps Networks, moderated by Amy Cao of Amy Blogs Chow (and newly appointed Social Media Director for Food Spotting), Bob Madden, SVP for Food Network and General Manager for left us with these closing remarks;

“The In The Kitchen App is the next step in expanding our role as a central resource for expert-tested recipes from America’s favorite chefs,” he said.   “The app provides an on-the-go way for consumers to find Food Network recipes whenever and wherever they need them. This is one of many new digital products that we’ll be rolling out to entertain and delight our Food Network fans.”

The Android is due to go live at the end of this year and plans are still in motion for a Blackberry application.

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