Mary Meeker’s State Of The Web And Disruptive Innovation

Mary Meeker’s State Of The Web And Disruptive Innovation

The Morgan Stanley analyst's data-rich presentation explores key shifts in media consumption.

Paloma M. Vazquez

Morgan Stanley‘s Mary Meeker has released the 2010 version of the ‘State of the Web’ presentation, identifying key shifts in media consumption, trends and companies that have responded to these well. There’s an impressive amount of data and thought in the presentation that merits reading independently (and using as needed to support your recommendations) – so we won’t try to oversimplify it by summarizing. However, there was one specific point we found worth highlighting independently  – the notion of Disruptive Innovation.

Disruptive Innovation is what’s to blame for the success of smaller, nimbler but sometimes cheaper products or services that manage to disrupt the success or complacency of larger, traditional brand players. Think of Amazon’s continued growth and eventual ‘breaking’ of Barnes & Noble, or Netflix’s killing of Blockbuster. Meeker’s presentation lays out two ways in which this disruptive innovation can happen.

We expect to see several more disruptive products/solutions emerge in 2011 – or for those that have seeded in 2010 to continue to grow and eventually thrive over larger competitors that may be slower in responding to opportunity. We’ll just have to see if that disruptive innovation will start (and stay) at the low end, or take form in a non-consumption strategy (like 2010’s most innovative product, the iPad).

Mary Meeker

[via Business Insider]