Sustainability And Embedded Barcodes At Starbucks

Sustainability And Embedded Barcodes At Starbucks

Inhabitat comes up with a fresh idea to boost sales of reusable coffee mugs and avoid disposable cups.

Naresh Kumar

Starbucks’ new stainless-steel reusable coffee mug is an exciting product that will help to bring about the company’s goal to completely embrace recycling in all its operations by 2015. But the green-loving folks at Inhabitat have a solid  idea for the coffee giant that could help them to reduce even more. By embedding a barcode into the mug itself which would act as a pre-paid gift card, those who want to redeem their card money will need to bring in their reusable coffee mugs. This would result in larger sales of the eco-friendly mug and inspire customers to carry it with them more often.


[via Inhabitat]