2011 Detroit Auto Show: Media Architecture At The Toyota/Lexus Stand

Both brands blended physical display elements with content to create eye catching stand designs.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen giant video displays¬† become a standard component of most every booth at auto shows. This year, Toyota and Lexus created dimensional architectural elements out of LED displays. The massive installations featured content programmed to wrap around corners and move from vertical walls to the floor.

Lexus installed a video pathway in the floor which led back to an entire room wrapped with displays. Images covered the floor, walls and ceiling. It was slightly disorienting standing in the room at first but the scale of the space attracted a lot of attention.

Toyota created a sculptural video pillar which served as a backdrop to their Prius vehicles. The huge display spanned from floor to ceiling in Cobo Hall. Text and graphics moved up the column and radiated out along the suspended ceiling elements.