Electronic Cereal Boxes Light Up To Attract Shoppers’ Attention

An intelligent wireless power system allows for inventory control and creative package design.

At CES this year, eCoupled displayed a flashy new electronic medium for the grocery aisle. CalorieLab explains:

The flexible eCoupled wireless coils can be applied onto packaging during the printing process, resulting in light-up elements on the front of, say, a cereal box. The packaging is charged through wireless power coils located directly on the store shelves.

The intelligent wireless power isn’t just for marketing purposes, however; it can also be used for inventory control at home and at the warehouse, autonomous ordering and conveying a product’s expiration date with alerts. This information can also sync with smartphones, computers and intelligent eCoupled kitchens.

Watch a video demo below:

CalorieLab: “Light-Up Cereal Boxes & Self-Cooking Soup: Fulton Innovation and eCoupled CES 2011 Demo Shows Off Intelligent Food Packaging”