Laser Hack Paints Haunting Images On Phosphorescent Paint [Video]

Laser Hack Paints Haunting Images On Phosphorescent Paint [Video]

Daito Manabe has creatively used laser scanning to paint images that glow in the dark and then fade away.

Naresh Kumar

Japanese visual artist Daito Manabe has developed an ingenious way to use laser scanning to create haunting images across a phosphorescent screen that glow and then slowly fade into darkness. Manabe captured the image using an infrared camera which is then exposed on the glow-in-the-dark painted screen by the laser.

He elaborates on his technique:

The laser “paints” the image by beaming and exposing the screen point by point, producing a small area of luminous glow at a time. Due to the physical nature of the phosphorescent paint, each exposed area will glow but eventually fade back to its original state. Based on this simple fact, a representation with beautiful shades of tonalities/gradations/contrasts can be created by careful orchestration of the timing and direction of the laser irradiation/beam, rendering a transient and yet “photorealistic” laser image possible.

See his laser hack in action below:

Daito Manabe

[via Makezine]

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