Microsoft Presents: How To Mobile Tag

Microsoft Presents: How To Mobile Tag

Included within the PSFK Future of Mobile Tagging report is a PSFK guide sponsored by Microsoft that explains the benefits, uses, and measurement tools of the Microsoft Tag mobile tagging platform.

by Timothy Ryan, PSFK Labs
  • 27 january 2011

A great feature of Microsoft Tag for marketers is the ability to customize the design of the Tag. Marketers have been experimenting with the triangle and dot options in some highly creative ways shown below.

The technology behind Microsoft Tag allows for sophisticated use by marketers including tracking and custom content. Included within the PSFK Future of Mobile Tagging report is a PSFK guide sponsored by Microsoft that explains the benefits, uses, and measurement tools of the Microsoft Tag mobile tagging platform.

Loescher-Microsoft Tag-Italian-Secondary Schools


Loescher, one of the largest textbooks publishers for Italian secondary schools, uses cleverly designed tags that allow students to download additional learning materials. The publisher created designs that mask the traditional dot or triangle designs of the Microsoft Tag.

Microsoft Tag-Diddy-Last Train to Paris-Album


As part of the launch of his album Last Train to Paris, Diddy used custom Microsoft Tags to offer fans the chance to win prizes and deliver exclusive content such as behind-the-scenes studio footage. The Tags appeared online at and fans could scan designs linked to five different charities to vote on which one the music supremo would donate $10,000 to for each day during the duration of the campaign.

Ciara-Mobile Tag-Microsoft-Album-Musician


Ciara’s most recent CD release was complemented by a week of tweets that featured embedded Microsoft Tags linking exclusive videos, performances, and personal messages.

Mobile Tag-KV Nordic-Microsoft


In order to connect with shoppers, KV Nordic leveraged Microsoft Tags on its smoked salmon packaging. When scanned, consumers were connected to a mobile site that details salmon preparation, complete with recipes by famous Italian Chefs.

We The Kings-Album-Music-Musicians-Mobile Tag-Microsoft


Independent band We The Kings created two unique Microsoft Tags to help promote their Take Action tour. When scanned, the Tags provided fans with access to exclusive content and entered them in a contest for a chance to win tickets to upcoming concerts.


Get Married magazine was the first bridal publication to incorporate Microsoft Tag into its print content. Select editorial and advertisements appearing in the magazine included Tags that instantly connected readers to videos, websites, photos and additional information.

Microsoft Office 2010-Microsoft Tag-Tag-Advertising-Mobile


For the launch of Microsoft Office 2010, the software’s advertising team used Microsoft Tag in its advertising and product packaging to link potential buyers to a mobile site. Once there, customers could learn about new product features through videos and tutorials, download templates, and register for a trial version of the product. Microsoft adapted the Tag for each publication and ad type to track popularity of the messaging by publication.

Acura-Microsoft Tags-Microsoft-Tags-Marketing


Acura has recently incorporated Microsoft Tags in their 2011 automotive brochures. The Tags have been placed within the brochure spreads describing unique Acura technologies. By scanning the Tag, an in-depth video is launched where key Acura engineers discuss the technologies in greater detail, providing the user with a behind-the-scenes look at the thought processes involved in developing these advancements. By utilizing the Microsoft Tags, consumers are provided with information previously only available via desktop computers. These Tags also give dealers a new informational tool to share with consumers during the sales process. Acura has also placed dealer-specific Microsoft Tags on each brochure which provides the consumer an easy way to access the dealer’s mobile website.

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