New Shirt Company Takes The Big Out Of “Big & Tall” Clothing

Longshot Apparel have carefully listened to the demands of the under-served tall male population and created a refined line of clothing.

Everyone knows one. It might be the younger brother whose growth spurt just won’t finish, the boss who stands almost intimidatingly high, or the best friend with minor pro-basketball aspirations. They are the males whose superior height isn’t matched by their vertical width: the tall and skinny man. While there’s a range of clothing, both highbrow and low, for above average size men, finding a nicely tailored shirt for a lite torso can more often-than-not prove somewhat of a challenge in today’s S,M,L and XL world.

It was with this idea that Longshot Apparel was born. Formed by a few creative marketing executives (from Adidas, Microsoft, and Nike respectively) in the Pacific Northwest, Longshot aimed to design ” well-styled, ready-to-wear casual shirts.. specifically for the tall man– not the big-and-tall man.” Rather than just a gimmick, their creators have carefully listened to the demands of the under-served tall male population and made changes accordingly.

Co-founder and “chief tall guy” Mark Tindall:

“Over the past year we have spoken with hundreds of tall men about shopping for clothing. What we discovered is that tall guys can’t find shirts that fit and they don’t want to go into stores to look for them. So we put those two pain points together and created Longshot Apparel.”

While other brands have been known to create shirts that are bigger all over rather than proportionate, Longshot is taking aim at crafting the perfect top to give taller men a look of refinement.

Longshot Apparel