Pollinating Frock Highlights And Assists Bee’s Plight

Pollinating Frock Highlights And Assists Bee’s Plight

Striking limited edition fabrics double as Wearable Gardens to aid in protecting urban communities of pollinating insects

Stephen Fortune
  • 26 january 2011

The Pollinator Frocks are fashion items that have the insect world foremost in mind.

The dresses’ striking designs are based on electron microscope studies of the patterns which pollinating insects are attracted to, and the entire fabric is treated with a nectar – like sugar solution. The frocks are designed to appeal to insects on multiple levels.

Designer Karen Ingham sees her dresses having the most impact inĀ urban spaces, where gardens are limited in number, nectar-rich plants are rare, and public engagement is most needed.

Pollinator Frocks

[via Ecouterre]

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