Sculptural Amplifier Is Pendulum Powered [Video]

Sculptural Amplifier Is Pendulum Powered [Video]

The unusual multisensory device uses kinetic energy to amplify sound.

Timothy Ryan, PSFK Labs

The Bounge Amplifier relies on an unusual system to project sound. Kinetic energy produced by manually swinging its pendulum is harnessed to power the minimalist wall-mounted speaker pod. The creators of the device, Studio Toer explain more:

Bongue is a physic amplifier of mobile audio. The dynamic qualities give it a multisensory experience for daily life.

When Bongue is fixed it’s only amplifying the sounds from the music-device itself. When you start moving the arm it will give energy to the amplifier and by that it will increase the volume of the music-player.

Watch a video demonstration below to see it in action:

Studio Toer

[via Trend Hunter]

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