Social Interactions Powered By In-Shoe RFID

Social Interactions Powered By In-Shoe RFID

Fashion company WeSC describes how RFID tags in their shoes can trigger exclusive access to events and interactions on the wearer's social networks.

Kyle Studstill

Fashion group WeAretheSuperlativeConspiracy has been using RFID in their distribution and tracking processes, and now with Hyper Island has produced a concept platform for bringing NFC technology to their line of footwear. Because shoes fitted with RFID chips can store opt-in information about the wearer delivered through a web application at the time of purchase, the shoes can be used to trigger a number of interactions powered by associated social networks, just by having the wearer step onto mats equipped with RFID readers. A handful of potential applications described include:

  • Triggering a photograph at an event, automatically sending that photo to the wearer’s Flickr
  • Connecting two people on Facebook when they both step on a mat
  • Automatically┬átrigger status updates when within range of a reader
  • Access to VIP restrooms at popular events for people wearing WeSC shoes, or simply entry into the event itself

Watch a video demonstration below:


[via Digital Heirloom]

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