Today’s Kids Can Navigate Smartphones, Yet Don’t Know How To Tie Shoelaces

According to a new study, young kids are learning technical skills faster than life skills.

Here are some interesting stats on children in today’s wired world — around 58 percent of kids aged 2-5 know how to play a basic computer game, almost 70 percent of young children know how to use a mouse and 19 percent of them can use a smartphone or iPad app. Impressive, isn’t it? Yet, when it comes to life skills, our kids are faring poorly. The study, which was conducted by online security firm AVG, adds that only half of the children surveyed can ride a bike and an overwhelmingly 91-percent of them don’t know how to tie their shoelaces.

Experts are divided over this issue, with some of them concerned about the next generation being unaware of basic life skills while others believe that having good computer skills has become a necessity now and its the parents’ responsibility to impart a balance of life and technical skills in their kids.

AVG: “Forget Swimming and Riding a Bike – Young Children Today More Likely to Have Mastered Computer Games”

[via Switched]

Image by *Just Justin*