Modernist Cuisine: ‘Cookbook To End All Cookbooks’

Analyzing the scientific processes behind the elements of cooking, the six-volume, 2,438-page book breaks down the subject with incredible detail.

Former chief technology officer of Microsoft Nathan Myhrvold has released a recipe book ‘to end all cookbooks’ according to Momofuku founder David Chang.

Analyzing the scientific processes behind the elements of cooking (heat, safety, health, tools, plants, muscle, etc;) the six-volume, 2,438-page book includes dishes like;

gleaming green pea butter, bagel broth and gel noodles, made from ingredients like liquid nitrogen and hydrocolloids – substances forming gel with water.

Created in the Cooking Lab with Maxime Bilet, Chris Young and a twenty-strong team of culinary-researchers, the book uses pho­to­graphic tech­niques which capture the cooking process with incredible detail ‘from micro­scopic meat fibers to an entire Weber grill in cross-section.’

Modernist Cuisine

[via Alternet]