Musical Instrument Plays Barcodes

Musical Instrument Plays Barcodes

The Barcode Piano allows children to explore the concept with a easy-to-use interface.

Naresh Kumar

The Barcode Piano is a music instrument that lets children understand the concept of barcodes and how they embed unique information in them by using the piano as a learning interface. Designed by Marco Triverio, Hao-Ting Chang, and Helle Rohde Andersen at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, the instrument is made up of a board and barcode bricks, each of which plays a unique tone. Kids are encouraged to explore different combinations of bricks and form a complete barcode on the piano to create new tunes.

As the developers explain, the Barcode Piano is built on an Arduino platform, with each brick containing a different resistor for its unique identity. As soon as any of the bricks is placed on the piano, it completes a circuit and allows the Arduino to provide the associated sound output based on the particular resistor.

Watch a video of this musical device below:

Barcode piano from trive on Vimeo.

Barcode Piano