The Bread Baking Vending Machine [Video]

Chef David Lebovitz tries out a unique vending machine in Paris that makes a freshly-baked loaf in one minute.

Naresh Kumar
Naresh Kumar on February 24, 2011.

Noted chef and author David Lebovitz writes on the popularity of bread vending machines in France and particularly about a big vending machine in a late-night convenience store which he tried out. Like with any vending machine, the user puts in a coin (a €1 coin in this case), after which the one minute baking process starts, followed by a few seconds of cooling the bread, before it comes out from a sliding door. All this can be visualized via a touch-screen.

David records his experience at this bread making machine:

David Lebovitz: “The French Bread Machine”

[via Gizmodo]