Walmart Uses Facebook’s Viral Platform To Offer Groupon-Like Discounts And Increase Brand Awareness

In a smart move, Walmart is leveraging the social network’s wide reach to make more people aware of its discounted deals.

Walmart has added a new feature to its Facebook page called CrowdSaver that uses Groupon-like strategies to offer discounts on products. From time to time, the company announces products on Facebook and requires at least a certain number of users to ‘like’ it for Walmart to apply the discount to the product.

So far, it has discounted a Plasma TV, a netbook and a set of DVDs with an overwhelming number of ‘Likes’ for each deal. While this offering benefits the customers, Walmart’s brand name itself gets a major boost, thanks to Facebook’s viral platform, with the users first having to ‘like’ the company to opt into CrowdSaver and then voting for the deals they like, thus increasing its awareness all over the social network.

Walmart CrowdSaver

[via Trend Slate]