When Should I Visit?: Antisocial Social Media

When Should I Visit?: Antisocial Social Media

A web service uses Foursquare inversely to determine when locations are the least busy.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon

Though Foursquare is often used to find out which locations are most frequented by the people you know, a new website inversely uses it to determine when places are visited the least. When Should I Visit? uses data gathered from Foursquare to find the least busy times to visit the museums, galleries and theaters of London. It also displays the quietest days along with a graph to judge the relative popularity of different days.  Creator Dan Williams explains:

The data used to calculate when museums are quiet is gathered from foursquare. Foursquare is designed to show popular trending places or where your friends are. I instead used it for antisocial purposes.

The advantage of using foursquare is that it is not tied to the institutions listed. New places can be added and removed, even non-cultural organisations. However foursquare users represent only a certain demographic of attendees. This may be considered a feature if you wish to avoid foursquare users. I hope to get hold of admissions data from some of the museums listed to verify how accurate When Should I Visit? is.

When Should I Visit