‘Character Approved’ Tips Hat To The Cultural Trailblazers Of America

‘Character Approved’ Tips Hat To The Cultural Trailblazers Of America

Individuals who are wellsprings of innovative and inspirational ideas are the focus of the Character Approved Awards.

Stephen Fortune

The Character Approved Awards celebrates 12 individuals influencing the American cultural landscape. It pays tribute to the leading thinkers in fields such as art, food, music, technology, fashion and design, and explores their wide ranging cultural impact.

The nominees all share a common trait: they use their amazing skills to change the world and people around them in positive ways. In addition to documenting this inspirational work, the show provides fascinating insights into the resolve and character of these influential figures.

Among the honorees are Walter Hood, an environmental designer, who speaks about the empowering potential and accompanying responsibility of design:

Nicole Krauss is a novelist whose writing practice explores the architectural connections a writer must weave between their narrative and the reader:

You can catch the premier telecast of ‘Character Approved: Honoring 12 Cultural Trailblazer 11pm/10 central on Tuesday March 8th.

Character Approved Awards

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