Innovative Aesthetics And The Evolving Nature Of Beauty

The Most Beautiful Object In South Africa competition advances a different, design lead, conception of beauty.

The Most Beautiful Object In South Africa (MBOISA) competition is less a meditation of the nature of beauty and transcendence but instead an acknowledgement of the evolving nature of beauty and a championing of innovative aesthetics.

Contenders for this year’s prize included entrants as diverse as ice tea and the Mapungubwe Interpretation Centre, while previous winners of the award have included a condom applicator.¬†The winner of the award is voted for by the public via SMS, staying true to the competitions premise that the award is not about categorising beauty but instead about asking “what is beautiful to you”.

The Dreams for Africa Chair was the eventual winner of this years competition, a combination of collaborative craftwork and a celebration of the rich and unique beauty of Zulu beadwork.

The Dreams for Africa Chair invites people from all walks of life to sit in the chair and share their dreams. In 2009, 160 women from the Valley of 1 000 Hills in KwaZulu-Natal came together to create a legacy of hope. Eight weeks later the women of the Woza Moya income-generation project finished their creation. Supported by the Hillcrest Aids Centre Trust, the chair is travelling around South Africa and abroad. The chair is a celebration of local craftsmanship and the rich and unique beauty of Zulu beadwork.

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Woza Moya