National Geographic Lets Fans Find Real Treasures In Tiny World

Deeplocal has partnered with the organization to build an innovative “real-world application” for fans to explore.

Deeplocal, the shop behind Nike’s Chalkbot, has partnered with National Geographic to build an immersive miniature world.

Starting on March 28th, there’s a whole big world out there to explore – a whole big TINY world! The National Geographic Channel is going to send you on an expedition into a miniature realm fashioned after the environments seen in our Expedition Week documentaries.

Drive a Robotic Camera Train through a tiny world dotted with amazing sites and find miniature artifacts. Line up the camera and take a picture of one of those miniature artifacts and WE’LL MAIL YOU THE LIFE-SIZE VERSION! That’s right… we’ll actually send it to you!

While exploring miniature versions of Victorian London, the Himalayas, and a Gladiator Coliseum, users will be able to discover items that are somehow tied to the themes of National Geographic’s Expedition Week.  These include everything from a replica fossil of an ichthyosaur snout to a real 3000-year-old Egyptian scarab-beetle.

Mission Expedition: Find Real Treasures in Tiny World