New Addition To The Iconic Manhattan Skyline [Video]

New Addition To The Iconic Manhattan Skyline [Video]

An incredibly tall and dynamic residential tower in New York transforms its appearance throughout the day.

Emma Hutchings

A unique new structure has been built called ‘New York by Gehry’ (formally known as ‘Beekman Tower’). Located in Manhattan, it is architect Frank Gehry’s first residential project and is the tallest of its kind in the Western Hemisphere, standing at 870 feet tall.

Seeking to reinterpret the design language of classic high-rises in the area, Gehry has produced a dynamic creation. The striking aesthetic has been achieved with rippling waves of stainless steel that give the appearance that the building is blowing in the wind, and transforms its dynamic exterior as the sun passes over, reflecting the light in different ways.

Take a look at the video below that shows the skyscraper and its impact on the city’s skyline:


New York by Gehry

[via The Cool Commentator]