New Product Caters To Pen Chewing Compulsion [Pics]

New Product Caters To Pen Chewing Compulsion [Pics]

Eindhoven Design Academy churns out a new pen that provides a tasty companion to writer's block.

Stephen Fortune

While musing over ways to make pens more durable to nibbling, Dave Hakkens hit upon a novel idea to make better use of the redundant space that exists in a pen’s casing.

Hakken’s noticed that we only actually use the ink of the pen, while the rest of the plastic cover is just there to make it more comfortable to hold. Therefore, Hakkens’s final design contains 22 pieces of edible peppermint flavored candy, rather than plastic, and is filled with edible ink. The only thing that isn’t edible is the ballpoint that you press to the paper.

Hakkens pen uses similar ingedients to candy bracelets, with a hard, slightly chalkier candy that won’t melt in your hand while you hold it.

Dave Hakkens

[Via Good: The Edible Pen]