Old Madrid Slaughterhouse Transformed Into Massive Contemporary Arts Center [Pics]

PSFK tours the completed sections of Madrid’s yet to be finished center for contemporary creation.

Chillout dome with mats and pillows.

Artist-created video game installation.

Probably the craziest controller hack we’ve ever seen.

Yet to be completed.

Media lounge.

Evidence someone is paying attention.

Media Lounge. Power via the industrial cords snaked through the steel flooring.

Giant felt cactus seemed totally logical.

Renovation architectural drawings done on blackboards and mounted in the dividing wall of the Media Lounge.

Office area, we guess a local architecture firm.

Design Center entrance.

Standard issue doors at Matadero are plastic warehouse curtains.

Under-construction plaza.

Performance space and cafe entrance.

Small stage performance space with cafe on the right.

Matadero Madrid