SoundTracking: ‘Checking In’ With Music

SoundTracking: ‘Checking In’ With Music

The latest foray in song-sharing apps, Soundtracking attempts to encompass the utility of Facebook, Foursquare, iTunes, and Shazam.

Claudia Cukrov

Promoting the idea of ‘Sharing the soundtrack of your life,’ SoundTracking is a new app which allows users to share their musical experiences as they happen.

There are three steps to creating a ‘SoundTrack’; the ‘Music Search’ lets users search and submit music tracks, add a photo, location and comment on a track they are currently listening to.  The ‘Music ID’ built-in audio-ID function (similar to Shazam) identifies a song playing nearby. Finally, the ‘On my iPod’ app accesses tracks stored on the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad for publishing.

Once a ‘SoundTrack’ is created users can circulate their experience through their Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter networks.  Online friends can ‘Like, love and comment’ on each SoundTrack and app users can also see which songs are currently trending.