UNICEF Fun Guide: SapientNitro Responds To The PSFK Future of Mobile Tagging Report

PSFK challenged advertising and design agencies from around the world to react to the Future of Mobile Tagging report. They were tasked with...

Kyle Studstill
Kyle Studstill on March 7, 2011.

PSFK-UNICEF Future of Mobile Tagging

UNICEF Fun Guide SapientNitro

Power of Empathy

We have plenty of access to clean tap water. However according to UNICEF, 884 million people lack access to safe water supplies, which is approximately one in every eight people. Empathy is the most powerful way to understanding the world from someone else’s point of view. It even takes a real-life situation, where you are stripped of your needs to completely understand the reality.

Reaching the Millenials of Tomorrow

So let’s put this in a real-world context. Every year tens of thousands of people from all over the world flock to arts and music festivals for a weekend fun. Gathering to see a full lineup of bands, these outdoor festivals notably take place in the heat of summer and involve unlimited partying and drinking with friends.

Did you know the most common health risk to festival attendees is dehydration? It also makes heat stroke more likely. Embarrassing trips to the hospital can been avoided. Art and music festivals like Lollapolloza have recently addressed this problem with ecoconscious free water stations. These water stations are located throughout the park where people can refill their own water bottles. So, let’s partner with Brita to build water stations that help festival goers rehydrate and spread the message of building clean water wells. Brita developed Filter For Good, a program that aims to reduce waste from petroleum-based water bottles. Every Brita water station refill takes a suggested donation of $2.00 to building a water well for a country in need.

Introducing UNICEF’s Festival Fun Guide

To further engage festival attendees, a customized UNICEF Microsoft Tag is posted at every water station. The tag unlocks a link to download the Unicef x Lollapolloza’s Festival Fun Guide. This smartphone app unlocks a guide to the festival, showing a map of the various stages, Brita water stations, first aid, bathrooms, camping grounds, and food and beverage areas. The second layer of the app, called the “donation layer” shows interactive content (such videos) of developing countries and their efforts towards building Brita water wells and cleaner sanitation systems. There is a pop-up option that enables the user to immediately contribute funds towards the highlighted country.

UNICEF Fun Guide

Make the Summer Festival Your Secret Playground

To keep their engagement throughout the weekend, there is a secret gaming element to the app. The more the user scans the UNICEF Tag at the Brita water stations increase their chances of unlocking locations of secret pop-up shows (not shown in the original lineup) and VIP cooling lounges. Now that you’re hydrated, how about clean bathrooms with toilet paper? More premium secret content (premium bathroom and shower stations, ice bar) is unlocked when the user makes a charitable donation through the “donation layer” of the app.

From Individual Impact to A Global Relief

As a modern culture, we often take basic human needs, such as clean water and sanitation for granted—we only realize how important it is when we need it. Leveraging human empathy through education and awareness is a powerful thing, and there’s no question about it. Through the nature of gaming and empathy, the UNICEF Festival Fun Guide provides a strategic fundraising platform that communicates the importance of clean water in developing countries, in a powerful and engaging way.

PSFK’s Future of Mobile Tagging report presents key trends in the mobile tagging space, so as to inspire creative agencies about their future use of technologies that include QR codes, barcodes and Microsoft Tags in branding and communication campaigns. This document brings together both literal and lateral inspiration to provide a framework within which organizations can begin to contemplate the issues facing the U.S. Fund for UNICEF and their fundraising efforts.

To start this exciting conversation, PSFK challenged advertising and design agencies from around the world to react to the Future of Mobile Tagging report. They were tasked with developing concepts making use of Microsoft Tag to address one or more or the needs set forth by the U.S. Fund for UNICEF in a creative brief. The end result of this initial phase of ideation is a set of 10 standout concept programs, including the one described above.

Created by: SapientNitro, New York

Team: Janice Chow, Lead Strategist, Julie Capron, Research Analyst, George Corker, Art Director

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