Real-Time Information Curation App Challenges The Foursquare Model

Real-Time Information Curation App Challenges The Foursquare Model

View is a new foray into location space services specializing in serendipitous granular information discovery that challenges the 'check - in' approach.

Stephen Fortune

For those of you weary of the constant procession of badges and oustings, then View may provide a welcome reprise. View is another location-aware app, similar to Foursquare, but without the need to check in to access locally relevant nuggets of useful information.

View adopts an information curation approach: you open the app and relevant information comes to you with image and copy in realtime. Furthermore, it places heavy emphasis on search relevancy to impart contextually pertinent information:

“View ranks everything, like popularity (via a voting feature), location, recency and a little bit of personalization and text. View also allows you to increase or decrease you location relevancy, by 1/2 mile, 1 mile, 5 miles and 10 miles. “

The application piggybacks on the Foursquare and Google APIs in order to add locative data. The iPhone app is currently live for those living in San Francisco, Austin and New York.


Techcrunch: View Is Like Foursquare But Visual And In Realtime

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