Cubed Living In A Tiny Apartment [Pics]

Architectural design studio MihaDesign renovates a dwelling in a creative use of limited space.

Emma Hutchings
Emma Hutchings on April 15, 2011.

Architectural design studio MihaDesign came up with an idea for an innovative use of space when they were asked to renovate a 770 sq ft apartment for a family with 4 children in Japan. Named nr1977, it is now a one room apartment with two large cubes. One consists of partitioned bed spaces for the children, with stairs leading up to a low-ceiling desk space for studying or reading with your feet dangling down above the beds. The other features a bed for the husband and wife with storage and a play area above it.

The unique design for this apartment may be used in other homes as MihaDesign have received many requests from other families in need of space-saving ideas.

MihaDesign’s nr1977

[via core77]

Photos by Sadao Hotta