Facebook Bulks Up Its Visual Storytelling Capabilities

Infographic developer Daytum’s development blog alerted us that they’ve joined the product design team at Facebook – with the end goal of helping people ‘express themselves and share experiences with friends.’

According to Daytum’s Development Blog, Daytum (Nicholas Felton and Ryan Case) are now part of the product design team at Facebook.

According to Daytum’s blog;

We’re thrilled to announce today that we just started a new phase of our careers: we’ve moved to California to join the product design team at Facebook. Building Daytum — and seeing how people use it — has been one of the most satisfying things we’ve done. We’re excited to start the next chapter, working with the rest of the design team at Facebook to help people express themselves and share experiences with friends. While we’ll be working full time at Facebook, Daytum will live on and will continue to work the same way as it does today.

We’re among the highly curious to see where this leads for Facebook. Daytum is known for helping you synthesize, present and interpret your personal data in a simple, more interesting manner. Their infographics tell a personal story and are – at the expense of over-simplifying it – rather cool and fun to look at. How will Felton and Case help Facebook incorporate visual and personal storytelling into their platform – given all the data they already posses from us? We’re excited to see what changes this team is able to impact at Facebook. Congratulations, and good luck!

Daytum Development Blog