Full-Body Scan Kiosks Create Custom Shopping Lists

The company MyBestFit is setting up kiosks in malls offering free full-body scans that can offer suggestions based on exact measurements.

Full-Body Scan Kiosks In Malls Tell You What Clothes Size You Are

MyBestFit is setting up kiosks in malls offering a free 20-second full-body scan to shoppers who get frustrated about the varying clothes sizes in different stores. You step into the booth, fully dressed, and then a “vertical wand” rotates around you, sending and receiving low power radio waves. After recording over 200,000 points of measurement, the software compares your body size to the specifications of the nearby clothing retailers. You can then create a Shopping Guide from the list of items that fit your body shape, filtering the results by brand, style, retailer or price.

The stores pay a fee when their products appear in the results but they can’t pay to be included in the results as these are based solely on fit. Some of the brands already signed up include Lee, Levi’s, DKNY Jeans, Eddie Bauer, Old Navy and Gap. There is currently a kiosk in the King of Prussia Mall outside Philadelphia, with plans for 13 more in malls along the East Coast and California by the end of the year.


[via Geekologie]