Holocube Streamlines The Photo Booth Experience With A Snapshot ATM

A new mobile photobooth uses digital technology to transform the photo booth into a user friendly transaction.

We like the trend towards pop up photo booths, but now that they’re on the verge of being a staple of trade shows and party circuits it’s refreshing to see Belgian Design Studio Holocube take the trend in a new direction.

ATM’s are one of the most universal user interfaces out there and this photo booth takes heavy cues from their lead:

The Citybook Photo Booth functions just like an ATM: the user¬†simply walk’s up to the Citybook Photo Booth and activates the camera via the touchscreen.

Photographs can be printed in either black and white or color, and are available within minutes. The pictures can then be fastened to the wall to create a physical social network of photo sharing


Design Spotter: “Photo Booth – City Book”